Abandoned Road

by Tarantella Fall

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Abandoned Road was recorded in the last half of 2010, under the production stewardship of Dave “Skippy” Christophers in his Karma Korner studio in Dublin. The 13 song collection tells the fictional story from various parts of the life of John W, his dark past and how he became the person he was. Musically it veers from Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, hitting R.E.M. and Radiohead and lots more in between. At the core of their sound though is good old-fashioned storytelling through song.


released March 25, 2011

Neville Foster - Drums & Percussion
Graham Keogh - Bass Guitar
Christopher Kinsella - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Ronan O’Donovan - Acoustic, Electric Guitars & Harmonica
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Dave Christophers
Additional Recording & Editing by Ian Flynn & Thom McDonnell
Produced by Dave Christophers & Tarantella Fall
Recorded at Karma Korner Studios
For more www.ndtproductions.com
Mastering: Fergal Davis
Piano, Hammond & Keyboards: Derek Andrews
Album Inlay Photography & Design: Graham Keogh
All songs and lyrics written by Ronan O’Donovan except: Spanish Point - Song by Ronan O’Donovan & Christopher Kinsella; Sharp Tone Love - Lyrics by Ronan O’Donovan & Christopher Kinsella.
All music by Neville Foster, Graham Keogh,
Christopher Kinsella & Ronan O’Donovan



all rights reserved


Tarantella Fall Dublin, Ireland

Tarantella Fall launched their debut album 'Abandoned Road' in 2011. It contains a set of themed songs that could have been written for a speculative noir B-picture set in the American heartland.

They release their brand new single 'Home on May 3rd 2013 from their second long-player.
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Track Name: Laura Ann
For the screams you shout in my mind
For the years I've lost in a pale light
I never realised who I was
Locked in the mind of a heart; dead, high on hurt

Now I'm breaking down the road
Tearing every thought in my mind
Now I'm breaking down the road
Knowing everything was a lie
Laura Ann, Laura Ann must die
Laura Ann, Laura Ann, cry

Got a Bushman bagged in the trunk
Got cable ties and your diesel dress
I lit the match as you put the dress on
And your tears burned fire to my hate

Now I'm breaking down the road
Tearing every thought in my mind
Now I'm breaking down the road
Knowing everything was a lie
Laura Ann, Laura Ann must die
Laura Ann, Laura Ann, cry
Track Name: Far Enough
Believe it or not, this is not what you see
All the games play me
Give it a shot, drink until you drown
In the life long gone down

This time, this is far enough,
Far enough to know you're gone

Lately there's been less for me to feel
Come on out, numb me
Nobody left to forgive and forget
All the thoughts lost on the way

You’re too far gone
Enough to know you’re gone
You’re too far gone,
You’re too far gone
Track Name: Wasteland
Breathe on the stars a life is dawning
Into the arms torn and pale
Mothers heart has started beating
Love is healing

You were all I ever needed all along

So damn scared to make a wrong move
Don't want her to turn out like me
Freedom lives within the promise
I can do this

You were all I ever needed all along
You were all I ever needed
A wasteland now is seeded
You were all I ever needed all along

I look around this broken place
Don't know what to do
I want to give you so much more
And make you proud of me
I hope you will, one day
Track Name: Going To Trumann
Going to Trumann, going to lay my old soul down
Going to Trumann, God forgotten dust bowl town
My family are gone and left me down on bended knee
Twenty three dollars for my shelter and my keep
I'm going to Trumann,
Lay this old soul in the ground

Second husband - fighting with the prison hound
I've fallen down the stairs, walked into one too many doors
He settled for me,
I'm no better than those whores down in Trumann,
- Salvation in the friend I've found

Old Jack whiskey lying face down in the rain
He sold a child for the snowball in his vein
from the salesman, with the mansion on the hill
It's invisible - the bullet
and invisible - the kill
Down in Trumann, but I hear the air is clean
Going to Trumann, where the air is nice and clean
Track Name: Rising Tide
Just caught the news, Red Army blues
Confront the line, cold dirt and crime
Those eyes have changed
Man re-arranged, foul mouth and lying

Show her the scar, some fall out bar
Here comes the shame, can't start again
Those eyes are lost
Won't share the cost of all that's gone

Long Island Line, I'll meet you there
We'll shoot the breeze and pretend again
That you can keep your head above this rising tide

Rolled over luck on the eight fifteen
Turned up a rag,
Spent all and been to a cherry sky
Fall hard and drive on a full beam

Stood up a date, I've been let go
Cursed by a mate,
But still I go to save your skin
Some shit you're in, this blood of mine

I think of the summer sky, I think of a younger guy
Chasing all the girls, taking on the world
And know you took care of me
And that's why we'll always be brothers to the end
Rising Tide has come again
Track Name: Dirt
Don't leave me this way - down in the dirt
Don't be fooled by the look;
A smile with the hurt

Had my lovers and some
Got caught in the web
Tell them all what they want
Hook, line, and run

She's the one thing keeping me,
One thing keeping me down
She knows just how to get me so high
then crash to the ground,
Face in the dirt

Dark side of the street
Been left all alone
Don't leave me this way
Sunk like a stone
Track Name: Last Chance
This is a chance to look at the writing on the wall
Take all the words and change them, just before the fall
Carve my name onto this list of people that went wrong
Got to see how you can shine

I see that look in your eye
Make worlds collide,
See you fly

See a young boy playing, content with what he's got
Let me go back to him, tell him what he's really worth
When I close my eyes, I know I don't deserve a thought
Bring me out; take me out into the light

I know this chance is my last
See you again, lose the past
Come on show me how to breathe
My last chance

(I know this chance is my last)
Track Name: Sharp Tone Love
Sharp tone love
With a high tone voice
Let me show you where to go

Can't you see all I do for you?
Laura Ann, now you know

Feel my hand
Going to set you straight
Got to put you in your place

You don't know what I can show

Breathe in slow
Can you hear me scream
words to show you that I care?

I can help you through
What's wrong with you?
Don't waste your time with prayer

You can't see what I can see
Track Name: Abandoned Road
Six A.M. and she's not home
Panic set, thoughts are racing through
Jessica my sweet, they have taken you for all I've done
The cops have come around now, taking this onto the abandoned road
It's just a piece of time, your body they will find on abandoned road

And it’s the long arm, the long arm of the law

Sixteen months pass and I'm consumed
Whispers in my ear have led me to…
Two cops are on the beat, and beat them is all I want to do
Thoughts run through my head, she once fled down abandoned road
His badge now was worn; he'd been here before
The abandoned road

The wind blew hard and the rain poured down
Screams swallowed by the night around
His grip on her hair, and the pleasure dancing in his eyes
My hands to them are tied, every time they tried to hide on abandoned road
As she fell to the ground, the headlights stared her down the abandoned road

And it's the long arm, the long arm of the law
Track Name: Junk
Junk, slowing me down, shed this loaded high
Drive by on a hit, down Miller drive
With his crimeless face, I still can't believe he's alive
Hung high to the sky

Birds don't fly in a torched sky
Like the sun don't burn,
Learn that the dead don't dream,
You'd have seen that the mind don't lie

Ask - you'll not receive, the answer far out of reach
If you want I can drive you out of your mind
Drop this game
I believe you want me to freeze-frame on your dress
In the summer sun see my head fall into a sigh
You're like a kite
Get off of this junk
I can feel it dragging me down
Lost sight of the crowd

Love's out to kill
Seen the gallows to hang my hat
I'm going to burn all the smiles in your photograph
‘Til the memory fades of a beautiful day
Like the broken down cars on a lost highway
And I'll scare up a scream for the rush of blood
Wash me away, re-born in the flood
A continuous fall from such a high
And I'm just junk to you.
Track Name: Cold Heart
Drive in the nail, cold heart
Tearing the skin and bleed, cold heart
Your cigarette smoke and a line of high
You've no regret and nor do I, cold heart

The city is ripe tonight
Feel it breathe in and out, cold night
It's my turn to pick and his turn to drive
The pulse of the chase is the pulse to this cold heart

I first met Jack in Delaware,
He cut my face in a drunken dare
We've been driving ever since that day
Cold Heart

It's been a long day, falling down
We got Jesus on the dashboard now
I couldn't care less what you think
This deadbeat motherfucker from last week
He turned to me and said,
“I forgive you”

Last Saturday night, cold heart
Had a man at his last breath, cold heart
He looked at me and he asked me, “why?”
It's all I can do to feel alive, cold heart
Track Name: Somebody's Son
Face grizzled and red they poured rain on my head
They made the ground cold, made my bones weak and old
I drink for the pain, man bring it again
One for the road, come on share the load
And we'll sing to the patriots, made us free men
Whom I wish that I could be, not what you see

Where did I go wrong?
I was just Somebody's Son

The coins that you give me can't you see how they fix me?
Feeding the habit, can't see how to leave it
Tear off all my rags, stitch up all the scars
Take me back to the kid who fooled in the car
Before it went wrong, now the screaming lives on
Crashed over again,
Three gone - save me

Where did I go wrong?
I was just Somebody's Son
Track Name: Spanish Point
Married in the fall of 84, to a lonesome heart I ran
Marie was born in a wet July, a thorn to a bitter mind
Never knew a man could hate a child and turn that hate on me
Way down at Spanish Point

As screams grew loud his fist grew tight, bruise and tear my heart
Mercy eyes I gave to him, a shadow smile stared back
Three full summers of the heavy blow, I took about all I could
Way down, way down at Spanish Point

Sharpening the blade of a Culinare
The plastic lines the Ford
Fill him to the brim with the whiskey overflow
Drive him to the edge of the highest cliff
Cutting him a smile, the tide will drift
Tonight I'll lay him down,
I'll lay him down

Eighteen years I've raised a girl, who never had to fear a day
And never knew the life I gave for the other I took away
My eyes are dead, my heart is black, I've poured out all my soul
Way down, way down at Spanish Point